Silly, Snappy, Snuggly, Peanutbuttery Trampoline Comedy!



Posted by NatickImprov on August 4, 2022 at 8:20 PM


Salutations, Silly Ones! We wanted to give you an update that due to vacation

plans, schedule conflicts and other happenings going on (whimsical and

otherwise) we’ll be taking a brief sabbatical from our regular workshop series

for the remainder of the summer. During this time we plan to assess our

timeline of when we may return to gathering for in-person workshops. Thanks

to all you who continued making merry with us via Zoom, text, IM, post, smoke

signal and carry pigeon while we navigated doing improv through a virtual

environment. We’ll keep you posted on any decisions as we’re looking

forward to seeing all your smiling faces in the near future to be wacky together

once again!




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